'Edible Flowers' Cutting Garden Collection

'Edible Flowers' Cutting Garden Collection



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We're obsessed with edible flowers—on top of cakes and cookies, in salads, garnishing our cocktails and mocktails—so we created a collection of our absolute favorites, for culinary and for cutting purposes. These six varieties are all entirely edible, and we designed the collection in complementary shades of purple, blue, white and sweet yellows to add a bit of elegance to your veggie patch (or wherever else you decide to plant). This collection is perfect for a children's garden, but by no means limited to that—after all, isn't there something just a tiny bit magical about eating flowers, no matter your age? 

'Edible Flowers' contains 6 seed packets, a Plover bandanna, compostable wooden stakes and a garden design plan with planting instructions.

The Full Collection contains:

  • Borage (100 seeds): Mild cucumber flavor
  • Johnny-Jump-Up 'Helen Mount' (100 seeds): Wintergreen flavor
  • Chamomile (100 seeds): Sweet herbal flavor, excellent for tea
  • Anise Hyssop (100 seeds): Sweet licorice-mint flavor, excellent in beverages
  • Cornflower 'Classic Magic' (100 seeds): Mild sweet flavor
  • Sunflower 'Jade' (20 seeds): Bittersweet flavor; buds can be fried, or petals used as garnish
  • Plover bandanna (1)

    Our Cutting Garden Collections are designed to look beautiful growing outside in your garden and inside as flower arrangements. We select our flowers based on their unique beauty, color, shape and growth habit. 'Edible Flowers' comes wrapped Furoshiki-style in a Plover bandanna and comes with a garden design plan and planting instructions. They are easy to plant and endlessly enjoyable.

    Seeds can be planted outside after your last frost date. (Or started inside earlier for more ambitious gardeners!) Detailed instructions are provided on individual seed packets.


    • Borage (100 seeds)
    • Johnny-Jump-Up 'Helen Mount' (100 seeds)
    • Chamomile (100 seeds) 
    • Anise Hyssop (100 seeds)
    • Cornflower 'Classic Magic' (100 seeds)
    • Sunflower 'Jade' (20 seeds)
    • Plover bandanna (1)
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    How to Grow
    Read our detailed instructions on planting your dahlia tuber here. Seed starting information can be found here.